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We recognise that each child, parent, and nursery relationship is unique, and we use our experience to support everyone in making that transition into nursery life as smooth as possible.

Gradual steps – your first sessions

Your child will then be invited to 3 settling in sessions within the nursery that will be organised as follows:

Settling in sessions

Session 1

We recommend the first settling in session that the parent/carer stays with the child. This allows you to meet with the room leader and the staff and for us to learn about your child. We will fill out relevant paperwork and an ‘all about me’ booklet about your child’s interests, favourite toys and allergies etc. Depending whether your child will do a morning or afternoon session, we will try to plan your settle sessions around this, if your child does all day we can be flexible but prefer the settles to be at 10am or 2pm

Session 2

The second settling in session will be for one hour. Where it is possible, the key worker will always be there to greet the child alongside the friendly staff team. Whilst your child is with us they can experience activities taking place and meet their peers.

Session 3

The third settling in session will be onehour visit. This visit can be in the morning or afternoon. It could be mid-morning enabling your child to experience having snack and lunch with us, or you may wish to choose mid-afternoon enabling your child to have a snack and afternoon tea and maybe a nap!

We advise settling in sessions to take place with a morning and afternoon session as this enables your child to experience all of the activities and mealtimes that go on throughout the day.

These sessions are flexible to suit. Usually booked in for the week before the start date keeping the experience fresh in your child’s mind, your key person will do baselines, 2 year checks and final reports throughout their child’s journey with us.

Strong relationships – Your Key Person

Our experience has shown that having a Key Person for your child is the most effective way of ensuring that children develop a strong relationship with a significant adult in the nursery, giving every child the reassurance to feel secure, familiar, and confident in the nursery environment.

At Riverside your child’s Key person will:

  • A key worker will be assigned when the transition period is complete and a bond has been made.
  • Ensure they have all of the information about your child and share this with other staff so that your child’s individual needs are cared for throughout each and every day.
  • Carry out assessments and plan for your child’s development, ensuring they are always challenged and supported to reach their full potential.

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